ENVIS provides high-quality, focused, environmental and engineering consulting services in the Renewable Energy and Mining Sectors.

We work in a collaborative and integrated manner with our clients, to provide customized and timely solutions to their specific needs. To achieve this goal, we ensure that our core team of highly-qualified professionals is available and accessible – this is a core principal within ENVIS.

We are also totally committed to an ethical, responsible and inclusive approach to doing our business and developing our teams. This includes a full commitment to safety in our workplace and in the workplace of our clients.


Our services are focused on Renewable Energy and Mining sectors.

The range of services provided include:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental and Social Permitting
  • Geotechnical
  • Tailings
  • Hydrology, Hydrogeology, and Hydraulics
  • Construction Management and Technical Support

Our business is focused on providing high-level consulting support to Project teams on challenging projects; and taking on selected projects for full design, engineering and/or execution in-house.


ENVIS is committed to providing a personalized service for each client, based on a long-term view of every project – we search for the best solution for the project, every time.

To this end, we have developed our Core Business Principles:

  • Understand the Project: We develop a full, global understanding of the project, from our client’s point of view, combined with our own experience and expertise.
  • Available and Accessible: We are committed to being available and accessible to our clients we understand that projects require responding to issues quickly and from a technical expert. Our core team personnel is involved in every project, and is available at all times to our clients.
  • Be Proactive: We work proactively – our goal is to always get ahead of project requirements and delivery deadlines. When challenges arise, we will start solving them immediately.
  • Creative Solutions: We maintain a culture of creative problem-solving within our business. Standard solutions are applicable in many cases, but we will also consider more ingenious, ‘out-of-the-box’ options where they could have value.
  • Long-Term View: We fully align with our clients on the long-term view of their projects and operations, and our services and solutions are intended to provide the best recommendations and results in the short-, medium-, and long-terms.


ENVIS is composed of a high-level and qualified professionals with a vast and recognized technical experience and thorough scientific approach, which provides Independent and fair services during the entire process of a project from the beginning to the end, reducing all possible risks.